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Browser Security Settings
If you have any of the problems below then follow the instructions for the Internet Browser you are using:
You are having problems with the OASYS web site using Internet Explorer 8 (or higher).
You can not see the OASYS menu bar before and/or after you have logged in.
For Internet Explorer
Add the and web sites as Trusted sites in your Internet Explorer browser.
This limits the lower security settings to the sites that are trusted. Other sites will have the higher security settings of the Internet zone. Here are the steps:
Select from the browser toolbar Tools | Internet Options
Select the Security tab
Select the Trusted site zone
Click the Sites button and add and
Un-check the 'Require server verification ...' checkbox.
Click the Close button.
Once you are back at the Security tab, adjust the security level setting for the Trusted site zone. The level should be Medium-high or less secure.
 It is recommended that you set this to Low to avoid security issues related to OASYS in the future.
Click OK
For FireFox
You need to change some options for your FireFox browser. Follow these steps:
Select from the browser toolbar Tools | Options...
Select the Content tab
Uncheck 'Block pop-up windows' (or add (Allow) and as Exceptions).
Check 'Load images automatically' (or add (Allow) and as Exceptions).
Check 'Enable JavaScript'.
Check 'Enable Java'.
Select the Privacy tab
Check 'Accept cookies from sites' (or add (Allow) and as Exceptions).
 For older versions, select the Cookies tab and check 'Allow sites to set Cookies'. Keep until Cookies until they expire.
Click OK
For newer versions of FireFox ...
Check 'Accept third-party cookies'. Keep until: they expire.
Select the Security tab
Check 'Warn me when sites try to install add-ons' AND add (Allow) and as Exceptions.
Click OK