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Welcome to Oneworld Accuracy
When you participate in our Standardization and EQA programs, you advance the Oneworld Accuracy Collaboration, the largest and most successful EQA collaboration in the world.
Collaboration Members harmonize programs to the highest international standards using common samples, challenge formats and test event calendar and manage their respective programs on OASYS (Oneworld Accuracy System), a shared informatics system developed and hosted by the Collaboration Secretariat, the Oneworld Accuracy Group based in Vancouver, Canada. OASYS is widely regarded as the most sophisticated and flexible informatics system of its kind anywhere.

To achieve universal testing accuracy for improved healthcare for all people.

Your ideas, commitment and energy will advance this mission. Accordingly, if you have any suggestions for new programs or system features, or if you know of any groups that might be interested in becoming Collaboration Members or Science Architects, please let us know at

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